We all cope with stress in our own way. Some of us meditate, some exercise, some  eat compulsively. Bob Mould writes songs. It's what he does, a compulsion that has given us the magic of Husker Du, Sugar, and a wonderful solo career.

Over the weekend, it brought us a grainy internet video of the man and his guitar lamenting a very 21st century problem, as the college rock legend, along with a handful of high profile indie bands like Death Cab For Cutie, the New Pornographers, and Best Coast all had their Facebook accounts hacked.

Mould posted the video on Sunday, along with the simple message/apology, "HCKD!!! WTF. Sorry. Here's a song about it."

And here's a link to the video from the "Makes No Sense at All" singer. Fair warning, it may be semi-NSFW for those who take issue with rock star middle fingers and passing mentions to the human anatomical condition. 

Via: Stereogum

Source: Facebook

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