Want To Speed Up Your Android Phone By Up To 15 Percent? Uninstall Facebook


The discussion over the official Android Facebook app slowing down smartphones has been taking place despite claims by some users that removing the app made their devices "feel faster." Now, a Redditor who goes by the name pbrandes_eth has concrete results to prove that the social media app slows down devices by 15 percent.

The Facebook app comes pre-installed on certain smartphones, and it definitely provides users convenience in accessing their accounts. However, is it worth deleting at the cost of performance? That's for the users to decide.

The tester got the idea of finding out the truth when Russell Holly of Android Central rehashed the topic a few days ago. Holly discovered that a smartphone's performance gets a considerable boost when Facebook is not installed.

According to the Redditor who took the time to carry out this in-depth experiment, a smartphone with Facebook uninstalled is faster by 15 percent. With the benchmarking app DiscoMark and an LG G4 at hand, the user was able to arrive at that conclusion.

The test involved opening up 15 different apps 15 times a row using the smartphone in question, with the apps ranging from Kindle and Audible to Spotify and WhatsApp. The user recorded the time it took to load up, first with Facebook and Facebook Messenger installed and second without them, noting that the "times refer to 'pure' starting times," which excludes the "time in between app-starts."

To set things straight, virtually every kind of app out there puts some load on devices, but what makes Facebook special is that it's particularly bloated and heavy to the point that it causes noticeable slowdowns.

Issues with the Facebook app aren't exactly new, though, as it has caused an iOS battery drain issue before. According to the company, the problem stems from a silent audio in the background.

Facebook may not be the only app to blame for slowing down your smartphone. However, there's a good chance that uninstalling the Facebook app will have a positive impact on your smartphone's overall performance.

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