In celebration of the upcoming premiere of the Full House reboot, Netflix released a new featurette that takes fans behind-the-scenes of the original series, revealing that the cast has still got it after all these years.

Showing that their bond is stronger than ever, cast members Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Lori Loughlin and Dave Coulier talk about what it means to return to the set together in what can be best described as a family reunion.

"We are a family and have been since we started doing the show 28 years ago, and have only gotten closer," Sweetin says.

The video shows the Fuller House clan fooling around in between takes, as well as some of their heartfelt moments on camera.

"Looking around the room, seeing all those wonderful faces that I love, was a moment that you get maybe once or twice in life," Dave Coulier, who plays Uncle Joey, says. "They say you can never go back home, but we came back home."

Netflix previously released teasers that included a look inside the new and improved Tanner household in San Fransisco, along with a second teaser that showed the entire cast moving in that will certainly fill fans with '90s nostalgia.

However, this latest video reveals some more clues about what we can expect from the original series. For example, fans will hear the famous catchphrases, like "have mercy" and "how rude," as well as catch cameos by Steve (Scott Weigner) and Uncle Joey's puppet, Mr. Woodchuck.

We also know that Fuller House was filmed in front of an audience, which means we could get some laugh track action. Either way, there's no denying that this series will be everything we hope for and more — even if, at times, we just want to scream "cut it out" after all the mushy family loving.

Fuller House will debut on Netflix in less than a month on Feb. 26. Go behind-the-scenes with the cast in the clip below.

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