The sixth season of FX's "American Horror Story" will take viewers to a new direction if things go as series creator Ryan Murphy planned.

According to a source, Murphy plans to veer away from the classic horror stories featuring ghosts, witches, vampires and the like for season six and instead focus on Internet-created myths, with Slender Man at the center.

An insider also reports that Lady Gaga may just make a comeback in the next season, though her appearance is still being worked out. It would be interesting to see how Mother Monster's story would tie up with Slender Man's if the production gets both of them next season.

"They're trying really hard to get her back!" the insider said of Lady Gaga.

Slender Man's story is not for certain yet since Murphy would not be writing it.

"Someone else wrote the script, and 'AHS' wants to adapt it to fit the show ... They have to buy the rights," the insider said. Then again, "American Horror Story" is a successful show so it's almost certain that it would be able to buy the rights for the adaptation. Featuring a fairly new supernatural creature created on the Internet would also be an interesting move for a series that has relied on classic monsters and urban legends.

For those who are not familiar with Slender Man, he is a supernatural creature borne out of a challenge to "Create Paranormal Images." Stories and more Photoshopped images spawned from there.

Slender Man is very tall and slender in build, extremely pale and is usually "seen" in forests and around children's playgrounds. He wears a full business suit and supposedly has tentacles, and has no clearly defined facial features but some argue that he looks different to each person that sees him. He is passive aggressive and basically just stalks his targets and instills fear in them, which is actually the basis of the Slender Man game.

Not much is really known about Slender Man since the "origin" stories don't always match but it would be interesting to see how "American Horror Story" will handle the myth.

Photo: Harem Malik | Flickr

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