The team behind Dota 2 announced that they are launching a new Winter Battle Pass for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) experience.

The Winter Battle Pass is designed as a companion for the upcoming season of competitive MOBA action.

"With a variety of in-game Quests to challenge and expand your Dota skills, a friendly wagering system to raise the stakes and a host of exclusive treasures and rewards to be earned, the Battle Pass lets you forge your own path to prestige and riches," reads the page about the Winter Battle Pass.

Subscribers of the pass can select from three Hero paths before each match to get special objectives. Completing the objectives will help the gamers get Battle Points, which users can redeem for Dota 2 treasure.

The pass also introduces a new wagering system, where subscribers will receive 1000 tokens as weekly allowance.

Gamers have the option to bet on a specific match before it begins and win Battle Points in case they win. Subscribers can also tip the earned Battle Points to their ally or an opponent.

The pass brings in a unique seasonal terrain with lots of snow, extended download replay periods, frost creeps and information regarding the upcoming Shanghai Major as well as events that are linked to it.

"Also featured in this Battle Pass, the 2016 Shanghai Major Compendium makes its debut in advance of the upcoming competition at Mercedes-Benz Arena," says the development team. "As the opening games draw near, the compendium will become your source for upcoming Shanghai Major news and activities, hosting recaps of the road to the Major, team profiles, tournament predictions and all of the things you need to follow the action no matter how far you are from the main stage."

Dota 2 has also announced a new Conduct Summary system that allows gamers to see the number of abandons, commendations and reports they have received while playing the last 25 games. The new system gives an opportunity for gamers to understand their in-game behavior in the Dota community.

The additional transparency may help gamers in modifying their behavior in the long term.

Dota 2 was developed and published by Valve Corporation. In 2013, Valve released the free-to-play MOBA video game for PC, Mac and Linux. The game is one of the most-played titles on Steam, with more than a million players at maximum peaks.

Gamers interested in the Dota 2 Winter 2016 Battle Pass can visit the official website and purchase the pass for $7.99.

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