Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps of the generation, and its iOS variant recently got an upgrade.

The developers sealed the deal with Giphy, allowing Tinder users to spice up any conversation with GIFs. Just a reminder: Giphy is the service that lets apps attach GIF image files to text messages. Users will simply add the dynamic pictures by tapping a dedicated button.

Also, a full library of dynamic images sits at the users' disposal, so one can simply pick up on the latest trending GIF.

"Tap the blue button to search collections of millions of GIFs. With so many options, we promise there's a GIF for any situation," Tinder's blog reads.

According to the coders, using GIFs will make it easier for people to break the ice and have a topic to talk about. Check out the video embedded at the end of this article to see how this strategy can play out.

Another important addition to Tinder's iOS variant is the possibility to "like" a message. This would show the conversation partner that you wholeheartedly agree with the statement. Just tap the green heart that is next the message to indicate your approval.

With the update, emojis are now bigger when sent without any text. Another handy new feature is the ability to upload profile pictures directly from the phone's photo gallery, skipping the step of having to upload photos into the associated Facebook account.

Moreover, iPhone 6s/6s Plus owners get even more treats with the update, as 3D Touch gestures can be used to send link previews to their conversation peers.

For now, Android users of the app are being left behind. There is no official information when the GIFs, larger emojis, message likes and direct photo uploads will land on their handsets.

Until the update reaches all platforms, you might want to check out the list of dating apps. Tinder is far from being the only option out there, and names such as OKCupid, Grindr, Hinge, Grouper and HowAboutWe offer a myriad of other possibilities.

Read more about their pluses and minuses, and let us know in the comments section which dating app you prefer.

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