The newsreel has long been replaced by other forms of getting the news, however, the New York Times seems to be feeling a little reminiscent and is revising the newsreel with a modern twist.

The outlet has released a nine-minute video called The Contender, which follows four of the current presidential candidates and their campaign rallies in stunning virtual reality. While the video isn't being used as propaganda and isn't narrated by a man with a deep voice, it is still very reminiscent of the newsreel.

The video is available through the NYT VR app, which offers content that can be viewed using Google Cardboard and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. According to the Times, "being alongside voters as they react to their favorite candidate is a privilege that watching such moments on television just does not afford."

Interestingly enough, it also seems as though the Times is looking to use the video as a way to help unite people, giving Republicans a look at Democratic events and vice-versa.

Of course, as the Verge notes, while Google Cardboard has plenty of strengths, most phones have a low enough resolution that when they're held up to the user's face, they get a little blurry, however, the video is still an interesting look at presidential candidates that you otherwise might not pay much attention to.

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