"Veronica Mars" fans probably thought the best thing that could ever happen to them was the "Veronica Mars" movie released in March 2014. Well buckle your seat belts for some even better news.

The whole "Veronica Mars" cast will be returning for a new web series on CW Seed, The CW's digital-only network. The series will be a spin-off of "Veronica Mars" titled "Play It Again, Dick," after Ryan Hansen's character Dick Casablancas. Hansen will not only play Dick but also a version of himself in this trippy, meta series.

News of an online "Veronica Mars" spin-off first hit in January 2014 during the Television Critics Association press tour. The CW announced the creator of "Veronica Mars," Rob Thomas, would be at the helm of a web series for CW Seed.

"The web series will have more in common with 'Party Down' tonally, but it will be about Ryan Hansen, or at least a version of Ryan Hansen, deciding to capitalize on the current 'Veronica Mars' heat to get his own series on the air. He'll try to pull his actor pals into the venture with varying degrees of success," Thomas told HitFix's Alan Sepinwall at the time.

Neither Thomas nor The CW would elaborate on the web series much more beyond that until BuzzFeed published an exclusive report on who would be starring in this spin-off. It turns out, pretty much everyone from the "Veronica Mars" cast will reprise their roles.

Kristen Bell will return as a version of herself who has unhappily agreed to play the titular sleuth once more. Other "Veronica Mars" alums reprising their roles and also playing a version of themselves are Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls, Enrico Colantoni as Keith Mars, Percy Daggs III as Wallace Fennel and Daran Norris as Cliff McCormack. Chris Lowell, who played Stosh Piznarski, and Ken Marino, who played Vinnie Van Lowe, will return just to play themselves. Amanda Noret and Lisa Thornhill will come back to only play their characters Madison Sinclair and Celeste Kane, respectively.

Interestingly enough, Ryan Devlin, who played rapist Mercer Hayes on the show, will replace Teddy Dunn in the role of Duncan Kane, Veronica's former lover. This series really is going to be trippy.

Robert Buckley and Rose McIver, the stars of Thomas' upcoming CW series "iZombie," will also guest star in the spin-off.

"Play It Again, Dick" will premiere on CW Seed on Sept. 15. Until then, you can head over to BuzzFeed to get the full 411 on the spin-off.

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