Details on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are few and far between. We know it will involve a group of rebels stealing the plans to the Death Star and that Darth Vader, of course, will have a part to play. Now a new piece of information indicates that yet another familiar Star Wars character will appear in the film.

At a presentation during the Nuremburg Toy Fair, LEGO seems have let slip that a certain bounty hunter might be in Rogue One. When it comes to bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, none are more iconic than Boba Fett, and the image used for Rogue One in LEGO's upcoming product presentation clearly shows the bounty hunter's equally iconic Slave I ship.

As for what role the character will play? That's still unclear. Fett has a history of cooperating with the Empire and various crime families like the Hutts, so it seems unlikely that Fett is somehow involved in stealing the Death Star plans. He could, however, be attempting to hunt down the Rebel cell looking to bring about the destruction of the Empire's greatest weapon.

We'll have to wait for more information until we can speculate further, but LEGO's Boba Fett tease isn't the only Rogue One news to come out of Nuremburg Toy Fair. The show also has a number of costumes from the film on display. You can check out the LEGO image in question below, via Flickering Myth.

In other Star Wars news, the hunt is on for the actor that will play a young Han Solo in the character's standalone film, with longtime Star Wars writer Lawrence Kasdan saying the movie will explore Han's younger days.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters December 16, 2016. You can check out the release schedule for all of the currently announced Star Wars films here.

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