A new trailer for the upcoming fighting video game Street Fighter V shows off the various modes available in the game. A lot of it should be fairly obvious to fans of the genre, but there’s still some tidbits to get excited about.

The Tutorial Mode is exactly what it sounds like: a tutorial. The game walks players through the basics, and more specifically what’s new in Street Fighter V. While many will likely skip the tutorial and head straight for other modes, many more will likely find use here. After all, not everybody plays fighting games on the regular.

As with many other fighting games, Street Fighter V will also come with a Training Mode that’s essentially a sandbox for figuring out moves and the like. Need to perfect your positioning for a combo? Training Mode! Need to better understand a fighter’s moves? Training Mode!

But best of all is that Training Mode comes with touch screen shortcuts on the PlayStation 4 controller that allows players to reposition their character immediately. Some moves in fighting games require a certain distance from the other character or some moves mean a fighter moves a certain distance. All of this is important to understanding higher-level play, thus the instant repositioning.

There’s also the Character Story Mode, which essentially follows one fighter through their plot while facing several other fighters. It’s pretty straightforward, as is the Survival Mode where players face down as many opponents as they can with restrictions on the matches. Similarly, Network Battle matches players against each other and that’s that - though one can go play in Training Mode or the Character Story Mode while waiting for a match.

The Capcom Fighters Network (CFN), on the other hand, is essentially a sort of platform to check out profiles of other players - including but not limited to their battle statistics, fighter profiles, and even replays. Basically, if a player wants to study up on how another person plays, this should be their first stop.

Street Fighter V is scheduled to launch on February 16th for PC and PlayStation 4. The trailer also promises even more modes post-launch.

Via: VG247

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