SoundCloud will now make it even easier for users to discover new music on its platform.

In an update for its app, the music-streaming platform has launched a new feature that allows users to create stations that stream a playlist of nonstop music they enjoy, including similar tracks that they might not have previously heard.

"Introducing Stations, our new continuous-play feature that helps you discover tracks you can't find anywhere else. Play stations from any track for an endless stream of new music. Update now to tune in, sit back, and discover," the company writes.

The new feature allows users to create stations based on a song or artist they like. When listening to a track you want more of, simply hit the three dots located at the bottom of the screen and tap on "start station."

Acting as a music-discovery tool, the Station will then play artists and tracks that are similar in this new continuous playlist based on the user's listening history and likes.

These stations will then appear in the user's profile under "recent stations" so they can be easily accessed and replayed.

SoundCloud has also been a great platform for finding new talent and tracks since the platform features songs from popular artists (DJ Calvin Harris is known for releasing new mixes on SoundCloud), as well as amateur artists and everyone in between. Users can now listen to songs based on their music preferences without having to search for a new tracks, and may even find their next favorite song of the week in the process.

SoundCloud launched the featured app update on Tuesday for iOS and Android. Stations isn't yet available on the desktop version, but it's likely it will be coming soon.

SoundCloud isn't the only music-streaming service looking to help its users uncover new music. Pandora recently released a new "Browse" feature that helps its users find new artists based on their likes. The new Pandora feature recommends stations based on their music preferences, with the ability to see what's playing on the station before adding it to their list.

Source: The Next Web

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