"Alexa, turn on my sprinklers."

"Alexa, turn off my sprinklers."

That's how easy it could be for people to water their lawn, thanks to Rachio's second-generation smart sprinkler controller, which integrates voice commands through Amazon Echo's Alexa, as reported by CNET.

Just like the company's initial smart sprinkler controller, the second-generation unit takes the place of customers' current sprinkler controllers, tapping into its local weather and humidity conditions to produce a suitable watering schedule via an accompanying app.

In addition to the voice-controlled integration with the Echo, the second-generation Rachio smart sprinkler controller also touts LED status lights, a waterproof case and onboard controls.

CNET is additionally reporting that the company's app works more quickly than the original smart sprinkler controller, even helping to streamline the setup process for a faster, easier start.

Perhaps the best part of the new unit is its cheaper cost at $250, available as of Tuesday on Rachio's website, Amazon and Home Depot.

Since 2014, Rachio claims its original smart sprinkler control has helped save nearly 500 million gallons of water.

"We're built on saving water," Rachio CEO Chris Klein said, as reported by Tech Hive

Although the new unit will sync with connected-home platforms such as Wink, Nexia and Alarm.com, Klein added that he prefers the product as a standalone option.

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