Piracy concerns that Hollywood has are not unfounded and the emergence of a new tool that will revive Popcorn Time, called Torrents Time, could be its worst nightmare.

Often called the "Netflix for Pirates" or the "Netflix for Torrents," Popcorn Time is an app that enables users to stream video torrents. Thanks to its enterprising creators, it has now emerged in a Web version named "Popcorn Time Online."

"Popcorn Time Online is a Web version and real revolution of the original Popcorn Time and based on its appeal and functionality," say the creators.

Seen as a menace to Netflix and Hollywood, Popcorn Time's Web version is powered by a new tool called Torrents Time. This technology enables users to stream and play pretty much any video format "smoothly and with stunning quality" which was not possible with Popcorn Time. The content is embedded through a torrent client and gives Popcorn Time Online users easy access to all video formats.

The entire torrenting process for TV shows or movies is automated by Popcorn Time. Through Torrents Time, users can download and play the file in the torrent with a mere click. One need not download and install a BitTorrent client separately. There is no need to even download and open the torrent and enter it to play the downloaded file.

The developers have even released the full source code for the public and made it available on GitHub so other developers can create their own versions. Therefore, potentially, we are looking at more clones of the tool.

"By using Torrents Time to play video, the Popcorn Time Online users are exposed to a viewing experience which is even better than the excellent experience they have enjoyed until now," reveal the developers.

Popcorn Time Online and Torrents Time offer support for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and upwards, as well as OS X 10.8 and upwards.

Support for the Safari browser is currently under testing by the developers and is poised to arrive in a few weeks. Presently, Popcorn Time Online and Torrents Time do not support Microsoft Edge but may in the near term.

Popcorn Time Online asks one to turn on a VPN. The developers added the built-in VPN support a few months ago and it is not surprising to see Torrents Time integrating the same.

While it is possible to watch content without a VPN, it is advisable to use one. Torrents Time suggests users get an account with Anonymous VPN, but users are free to use other solutions for their PC.

Popcorn Time Online can be checked out at this link (GitHub), whereas Torrents Time can be viewed at this link (Github.)

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