The Microsoft Band 2 packs a myriad of features, all designed to help you get in shape and have a better understanding of your body. It recently got an Android update, which vastly extends the capabilities of the activity tracker so that you can now track your own weight plan with it.

The activity tracker from Microsoft allows you to manage sleep cycles, track the distance you walked or ran, see what your heart rate was during a particular dynamic action, know how many calories you've burned and more.

The latest update for the activity band features a neat add-on that makes it easy for users to monitor their weight.

"Track your weight - to help you maintain your current weight, or help you reach your weight goals," the app's description reads.

An interesting novelty added to the app is a reminder that notifies you when it detects that you have remained seated for a long period of time.

Banking on the social side of the app, the developers also added a feature that lets you share your workout routine with your friends.A new and improved GPS power saving mode, meanwhile, helps you save battery life.

The latest Microsoft Health app update also brings a Web tile gallery, which shows news headlines and sports scores. Users who update their app receive the standardized batch of bug fixes.

It should be noted that Microsoft Health is far from being the only app that hosts weight tracking, but if you own the Microsoft Band 2, than this update should be right up your sleeve.

You may gain access to the new features of Microsoft Health companion app by updating it via the Google Play Store.

Based on a review roundup, the Microsoft Band 2 is one of the top fitness wearables on the market.

With the Band 2, Microsoft chose a smoother and more rounded design, opting to eliminate the hard edges packed in the initial Band model. The device is water resistant, but not waterproof. According to the IPX7 standard that the smart device has, you may immerse it in water for up to 30 minutes. It is recommended to keep it as dry as possible, though.

Due to the stronger CPU, the Band 2 provides users with a much smoother user experience. You may switch the brightness of the screen to Auto, allowing the device to analyze the UV light color and adjust accordingly.

The first-gen Microsoft Band packed no less than 10 sensors: gyrometer, accelerometer, heart rate, ambient light, UV light, capacitive, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, GPS and mic. In addition to the sensors in the first variant of the Microsoft Band, the Band 2 also got a barometer for detecting atmospheric pressure changes and determining the elevation traveled.

One big advantage of the gadget is that, unlike the Apple Watch that makes it mandatory for users to have an iOS mobile device, Microsoft the Band 2 plays well with all smartphones. This means that Band 2 owners can have a Windows Phone, an Android or an iPhone and it will work just as well.

The Microsoft Band costs $249.99 and can be bought directly from the manufacturer's site.

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