The Iowa caucus earlier this week was the first in the nation, and drew tons of media attention. Of course, it also drew tons of Twitter attention.

Twitter has published a rundown of the caucus-related happenings on the social media network, including using data collected from tweets to see which candidates were generating the most discussion.

For example, the company was able to track discussions in Iowa up to a week before the caucus was actually held on Feb. 1, showing that when it came to the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton was the subject of 52 percent of conversations, Bernie Sanders 43 percent, and Martin O'Malley, who has since suspended his campaign, 5 percent. As far as Republican candidates, turns out Ted Cruz took the top spot with 31 percent of discussions, while Donald Trump came in second with 30 percent, and Marco Rubio was third with 14 percent.

Of course, it wasn't just statistics that Twitter showed off. The company's rundown also included the fact that many tweeted with the hashtag #ICaucused, allowing users to show off the fact that they participated in the event, with many also saying who they were supporting.

You can check out Twitter's caucus-related data here. It is likely that Twitter will continue to be a great hub for the election throughout the year.

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