Amazon Echo Can Now Order Users Domino's Pizza For Their Super Bowl Party


Every Super Bowl party needs the essentials: beer, wings and pizza. However, when watching the biggest football game of the season, you might not want to step away from the TV screen to risk missing a hard hitting play or that commercial everyone will be talking about for the rest of the night.

Luckily, for Amazon Echo users, they can now have Alexa make and track their orders for them.

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Domino's announced on Wednesday the launch of ordering capabilities and its Domino's Tracker to Amazon's Echo.

"We want to continue making ordering pizza as convenient as possible, and this is no exception," Dennis Maloney, Domino's vice president and chief digital officer said in a press release. "Customers can order from anywhere they are, including from the comfort of their couch while watching Sunday's football game."

Users just have to enable the Domino's skill in the Alexa app that links their account to their Domino's's Pizza Profile. Further proving that Amazon's voice-controlled personal assistant is our best friend, users then can ask Alexa (Echo's version of Siri) to "open Domino's and place my Easy Order," which will include the items they have previously saved to their profile.

"The magic of ordering pizza without lifting a finger and just using your voice is now a reality with Alexa and Domino's," Rob Pulciani, director of Amazon Alexa said in a press release. "We've made it easy for companies like Domino's to use the Alexa Skills Kit to create more natural, intuitive ways for customers to interact with their services."

Users will also be able to have Alexa track their order by first entering in their phone number that is associated with their delivery. They will then be able to ask Alexa what the current status of their order is by saying,"Alexa, ask Domino's to track my order," which will come in handy since Domino's says that Sunday will be one of the pizza chain's busiest delivery days of the year.

Domino's revealed that it expects to deliver over 12 million pizza slices and more than four million chicken wings across the U.S. on Super Bowl Sunday.

Amazon Echo joins the various ways pizza lovers can order from Domino's, in addition to using pizza emojis on Twitter or through a smart TV.

Amazon Echo users will be able to start having Alexa make their pizza orders starting on Friday.

Source: Domino's

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