Late last week, reports surfaced about Amazon Echo's Alexa updated to be equipped with knowledge about the Super Bowl and movies.  

Well, it didn't take long for Amazon to marry the two for a special Echo ad starring Pro Football Hall of Famer Dan Marino and actor Alec Baldwin.

The two legends in their own right are seen brainstorming supplies for throwing a Super Bowl party or "#BaldwinBowl."

The clip starts with a close-up shot of Marino's notepad, which has "cheerleaders" and "snack stadium" listed on it.

While Baldwin scoffs at the notion of cheerleaders for his BaldwinBowl Super Bowl party, snack stadium seems to resonate with him ... that's if he only knew what it meant.

Thank goodness for Alexa, who Baldwin asks: "Alexa, what's a snack stadium?"

She responds from the Echo unit: "A stadium built entirely of snacks."

After hearing Alexa's explanation, Baldwin calls Marino brilliant, as the actor tacks on an architect, a five-star chef and ... snacks as well as other things needed for his Super Bowl party.

He also reneges on the cheerleaders, saying he needs them present as well.

Funny little ad.

Hopefully, we'll see more of Baldwin and Marino's brainstorming sessions leading up to the Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos on Feb. 7.

It will also be intriguing to see just how much the Echo has empowered Alexa with football and movie knowledge.

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