While the Iowa caucuses are over, it seems as though there is plenty of Iowa-related drama still to come.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Republican Party of Iowa's website has exposed as many as two million people's names, phone numbers, addresses, birthdates and voter records due to a security flaw.

It's important to note that voters of all parties were affected by the breach, not just Republicans, and that voter records do not expose who a person voted for, just that they voted. Of course, all the other information that was left out is still problematic.

An attendee of the Iowa caucuses noticed the flaw before telling the Wall Street Journal. In response to the report, the Iowa GOP pulled the database from the website, however, it is possible that the data was already downloaded by someone else.

Usually, voter records are available as public information for a fee of somewhere between $1,500 and $1,800, however, laws say that the records can only be used for political reasons.

To find the records, a person simply looks at the source code for the location directory of the caucus. Basically, anyone with a Web browser could have looked at the database. 

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