If you are not planning to be at the Super Bowl, your next option is to stream it via a big-screen TV which can do it justice. Consumer Reports and IBM's Watson both share how hardcore fans can buy the best TV to watch the big game.

Consumer Reports provides tips on how to choose the best TVs for the game.

1. Apart from considering the picture quality, it is also advisable to check the device's viewing angle. A TV set sporting a wider angle will definitely provide a great view.

2. Make sure that the TV can handle fast action and does not cause blurred images.

3. The TV should also have a great speaker system to convey the excitement of the crowd.

Here is a list by Consumer Reports of the best TVs to purchase for the Super Bowl:

1. LG 65EF9500 – This 65-inch OLED TV delivers high-definition picture quality. It also has unlimited viewing angle and excellent UHD performance.

2. Samsung UN65JS9500 – Apart from delivering excellent high-definition picture quality, it also provides notable sound and great UHD performance. This 65-inch TV has the capacity to display high dynamic range (HDR) content.

3. Sony Bravia XBR-65X930C – With the high-definition picture quality and great UHD performance of this 65-inch TV, this is definitely among the best TVs for the Super Bowl. Consumer Reports also says it has the best out-of-the-box sound.

4. LG 55EG9100 – This TV rocks a high-definition picture quality. Also, it provides an unlimited viewing angle and it carries a $2,000 price tag.

5. LG 65UF9500 – This 65-inch LG TV boasts great high-definition picture quality plus UHD performance. It also has excellent sound and a wider-than-average viewing angle.

6. Samsung UN65JS9000 – It features a full-array LED backlight and excellent sound.

7. Samsung UN65JS850D – This 65-inch Samsung TV also promises to deliver excellent UHD performance, a high-definition picture quality and great sound.

8. LG 55EC9300 – For only $1,500, consumers will get an unlimited viewing angle plus great HD picture quality with this 55-inch TV.

9. Samsung UN55JU7500 – This 55-inch Samsung TV has a curved screen and features excellent UHD performance along and high-definition picture quality.

10. Sony Bravia XBR-65X900B – This TV from Sony is an oldie, but it comes with excellent features, such as great high-definition picture quality and remarkable sound. However, its viewing angle is a little narrower than the other TVs.

IBM Watson also compiled the 10 hottest TVs for the Super Bowl in its daily trend report. Watson uses natural language processing and machine learning to monitor online conversations from blogs to social networks and identify the top trending TVs. 

Here is IBM Watson's listing:

1. Samsung 60-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV – Consumers say the TV has a great picture and stunning sound.

2. Samsung 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV – It can play AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV files at SD or HD resolutions. On top of that, browsing for videos is blazingly fast.

3. Sony 65-inch LED smart 3D 4K Ultra HD TV – What consumers love the most about this TV is it can send media from a phone or tablet smoothly.

4. Sony 43-inch LED smart 4K Ultra HD TV – This 4K TV is super because of its modest price. It is also ideal for playing video games and steaming Blu-ray videos.

5. Sony Bravia 40-inch LED smart HDTV – This TV is easy to set up. What also makes it a great buy is that it comes with mounts, enabling you to hang it on the wall.

6. LG 43-inch LED smart 4K Ultra HD TV – This 4K TV produces a great picture quality. A consumer says "it looks like a window." Its smart functionalities and decent sound are also notable.

7. LG EC970V 65-inch 4K OLED curved-screen TV – Consumers believe it delivers one of the best picture qualities thus far. They even call it the "future of TV."

8. Vizio M-Series 70-inch LED smart 4K Ultra HD TV – Consumers like it because it has amazing picture quality.

9. Sharp 50-inch smart HDTV Roku TV – Aside from it being a smart TV, it also has a great price and it generates great picture.

10. Sharp 43-inch smart HDTV Roku TV – This is an ideal TV for budget-conscious customers. It is easy to navigate and has a great picture quality.

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