Forget The Selfie Stick, Meet The Centriphone: Pro-Skier Swings iPhone 6 Around To Create Amazing Video


Selfie sticks and action cameras may be enjoying high levels of popularity right now, but a video on YouTube that has already almost 2 million views at the time of writing could be ushering in a new way for people to take videos of themselves.

The video, which was uploaded by Nicolas Vuignier, shows him skiing down a mountain using a so-called Centriphone to take the footage. Vuignier is a freeskier that is also a self-taught graphic designer and video editor, which would explain how such an amazing video was made.

Vuignier eschews the action camera for a video shooting method that has him attaching his iPhone 6 onto long pieces of string and then swinging it around over his head. He has his right arm raised throughout the whole video, as he swings the smartphone around to capture the tantalizing footage.

Vuignier said that the main challenge on creating the video was how to make the iPhone 6 stable as he was skiing down at high speeds. He explained that his forward movement was causing turbulent wind, making it difficult to keep the smartphone tilted at the right angle with no spinning.

According to Vuignier, he had the custom Centriphone rig made through 3D printing, which he used with his iPhone 6 and an Olloclip wide-angled lens. For taking the video, he used Apple's own Camera app at 240 frames per second and then slowed down the footage by 10 percent.

Vuignier apparently spent about two years in coming up with a way to take the video, and the result is definitely worth the effort. He said that he attempted to use a GoPro to record the footage, but he said that the action camera's frame rate of 120 frames per second was not enough for what he wanted to accomplish.

For other skiers, athletes, and just about anyone that would want to try to create a similar video, worry not as Vuignier has said that he is looking to make the 3D printing template for the Centriphone available for everyone. No images of the rig has yet been revealed so far.

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