ESA astronaut Tim Peake became the first Brit to walk in space on Friday, Jan. 15, and in true 21st century fashion decided to commemorate the event with a series of selfies.

Along with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra, Peake spent a good five hours alongside the exterior structure of the International Space Station to make a series of repairs, which included fixing an electrical box positioned outside of the craft. While the mission ended abruptly due to some water leakage in Kopra's helmet, Peake was quick to call the experience "exhilarating" via his Twitter account.

While Peake's selfie might look startingly similar to a selfie taken by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly back in October 2015, don't be fooled: it can be trickly to distinguish one spaceman from another in identical astronaut suits, sans the flag patch that denotes each's country of origin.

Check out some more of Peake's spacewalk selfies below.


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