Fans everywhere are celebrating 20 years of Pokemon, and this latest way to celebrate is one of the best so far.

It's a red and white Pokeball vinyl filled with classic tunes from Pokemon Red and Blue as well as the original Pokemon anime.

The collector's item comes from Moonshake records, which was sure to put each and every track composed by Junichi Masuda for the original games on the record. Did we mention the vinyl itself looks like a Pokeball?

Also worth examining is the vinyl's cover. It's crammed with many (perhaps all) of the original 150 Pokemon, with cameo appearances from other classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Princess Peach, Toad and what appears to be Princess Zelda.

When we mentioned this is a collector's item, we meant it. Only 500 copies of this commemorative vinyl are being sold. At the actually reasonable price of $49.95 over on, expect these to go quickly. Best snag one quickly if you're interested.

In case you still aren't sold, listening to some of the standout tracks should help you make up your mind. How about the trainer battle theme?

Or the Rival theme, which, to this day, still irritates.

Or the Indigo Plateau theme, which will bring back memories of facing off against the Elite Four.

There is a ton of music included on the vinyl that still holds up wonderfully today. This is just the latest way to celebrate Pokemon's big birthday year. Nintendo is re-releasing Pokemon Red and Blue on the 3DS eShop alongside new special edition 3DS systems, a new Pokemon fighting game is on the way, special giveaway events are going on all year and much, much more.

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