Food delivery service Caviar has announced a new offering specifically for the workplace. The new service is called Caviar for Teams, and will allow users to request deliveries of food for as many as a few hundred people.

The move isn't all too surprising, and seems like a natural next step for the Square-owned company. It expands on the current catering service from the company that allows people from companies to make orders for meetings or small events.

There's no extra charge for these large events. The service will work very similarly to the current Caviar offerings, and users can place orders up to a week in advance. Teams can also order all at once, or allow users to individually order and split the bill through a "cart" which is set up by the host of the event.

"We work closely with our restaurant partners to determine their catering capabilities and help them build online menus, and offer custom-delivery packages for large teams," said the company in an email with VentureBeat. "Customers can either work with one of our account managers or use the site and filter restaurants based on their group size. Our site lets customers filter from 'groups 10-20', 'groups 20+' and 'catering'."

Of course, while individuals have a very large selection of restaurants to choose from, large groups will be limited to restaurants that support catering. Still, that's better than just ordering a bunch of pizzas for the event.

Caviar, which now operates in 16 cities, has been expanding a lot of late, creating a number of different options to better compete in the growing food-delivery market. For example, it now offers FastBites, which is aimed at getting users their food in under 15 minutes. 

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