Thanks to a short teaser uploaded, it sounds like the electronic pop and chiptune band Anamanaguchi is planning something or other with Hatsune Miku, the holographic Japanese pop star.

There’s no telling just yet what exactly the two might be collaborating on, but a series of dates at the end of the teaser seems to indicate a set of shows that the two will be playing together. It was announced a couple months ago that Hatsune Miku would be going on tour of the United States and Canada for the first time, and Anamanaguchi getting in on that action just makes sense given the band’s interest in Japanese pop culture.

Hatsune Miku, the most popular of the Japanese vocaloids, has seen a raise in her North American profile thanks in part to a more concentrated marketing effort. Not too shabby for a blue-haired virtual avatar that began digital life as a vocal synthesizer product. For example, an appearance on David Letterman back before his retirement set the stage for her eventual tour announcement late last year.

The teaser specifically references the following dates and places:

4/23 Seattle
4/30 San Francisco
5/6 Los Angeles
5/14 Dallas
5/20 Toronto
5/25 Chicago
5/28 New York City

Where those shows will be held is likely to come out relatively soon, but for now anything else is pure speculation. But it’s definitely happening, and the band’s Twitter even has an updated header for it. What a time to be alive.

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