Since 2015's holiday season, there's been a lot of press regarding the dangers of hoverboards: the penchant for poorly made two-wheelers to spontaneously burst into flames has lead to bans everywhere from NFL locker rooms to airlines to New York City's public transit system.

But a cosplayer in Taipei decided to put a new spin on the much-maligned recreational device by dressing up as Goku, the main protagonist from the manga and anime series Dragonball Z, and turning the board into a fluffy yellow nimbus cloud that, unlike most no-handed scooters that share its name, actually hovers.

The dedicated Taiwanese Z cosplayer, who goes by the name of Yes Ranger on YouTube, constructed Goku's magic cloud out of styrofoam and a fluffy, cottonball-like material; the Flying Nimbus Cloud itself is a detachable apparatus, leaving the hoverboard more or less unmodified.

As for the ride itself? The cosplaying Goku stand-in had a friend film his hoverboard trip, where he ripped through the streets of Taipei while obeying traffic laws, smiled at bystanders who snapped his photo, and even high-fived and fist-bumped children watching from the sidelines. As Goku himself would say, "Osu! Ora Goku!" indeed.

Watch this Goku idol partake in some hoverboard cosplay below. You can also check out a(n untranslated) clip of how Yes Ranger made the Flying Nimbus in the first place.


Source: YouTube

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