Xbox One August update starts rolling out. What to expect


An Xbox One system update was announced Sunday, including a list of features that players around the world will experience in the next few days as it rolls out.

Made by Xbox Live's Major Nelson (also known as Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's director of programming), the announcement listed all of the features that will be included when the update rolls out. The features included in the update were based on the some of the most requested features tallied on Xbox Feedback. A video was also released alongside the announcement to guide Xbox One users through the new features.

One of the most requested items in Xbox Feedback is mobile purchases. Games as well as add-on content can now be purchased remotely through or by using the Xbox SmartGlass. Consoles set to automatic update, immediately downloads purchased content once the transaction is done. With that, players no longer need to wait until they're in front of their consoles to start downloading.

Another new feature is the tweaked activity feed. Xbox One users will see their activity feed change into a single column that's longer but beefed with more content, with the added ability to post text to the feed as well as comment on and like items on the feed. Got game clips to share? Users can also share anything on their feed with friends privately as attachments to messages or publicly through their activity feed.

Should anyone like anything a user has posted or made a comment about any of their feed items, they will also be notified. The same applies as well if a feed item is shared. All users will have personal feeds so it will be possible to individually check friend activity to see what they have been up to. Future updates for the SmartGlass should be able to include added support for more feed actions.

Other features include: low battery notification for when controllers are nearly out of juice; the ability to disable notifications when videos are playing; an updated Blu-ray player app that enables 3D Blu-ray support on the console; and "last seen time" functionality that lists how long has it been since a user's friend was online.

Xbox Feedback will remain open to accept recommendations and suggestions from users. Major Nelson thanked everyone who pitched in and took the time to send feedback because this has helped in greatly improving the Xbox. "Stay tuned for even more new features headed your way in the coming weeks including more social features and a few new updates for watching TV," he adds.

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