If there was any one complaint that fans had about the first season of Marvel's Daredevil, it was that the show was a little too self-contained. Sure, there were a few connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the entirety of the show's first season focused on just a handful of characters. It definitely worked out in the end - the show was a huge hit for both Marvel and Netflix - but, for the second season, fans have been hoping for something a bit bigger in scope.

Judging from the first season two trailer, that's exactly what they're getting.

Much of the hype currently surrounding the show has to do with its expanded cast: not only is Elodie Yung joining the series as Elektra, but Jon Bernthal is taking on the role of the Punisher. In fact, it looks like the Punisher will be the central focus of Daredevil's second season - and it looks like Netflix has finally done Marvel's most lethal anti-hero justice.

You'd think that, out of all of Marvel's heroes, the Punisher would be one of the easiest to bring to the big screen. Sadly, that just hasn't been the case: while there have been one or two halfway-decent adaptations throughout the years, most of Frank Castle's big-screen projects have fallen flat on their faces.

Thankfully, Netflix's portrayal of the character looks spot-on: the trailer hints at Castle's classic backstory, as well as his absolutely brutal method of crime-fighting. Daredevil was already a pretty violent series, especially for a Marvel project - though it doesn't look like the studio will be holding back at all during the second season. Let's put it this way: Daredevil won't be much of a family-friendly show.

Of course, the Punisher isn't the only new face in Daredevil's second season: at the very end of the trailer, fans can catch their first glimpse of Elektra's Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. While she may not be sporting the red ninja getup from the comics, it's definitely a great tease of what's to come.

Matt Murdock's return to Hell's Kitchen isn't all that far off: Daredevil's second season returns to Netflix on March 18.

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