Reviews are in for Sony's small A5100 camera that has many saying it could be the company best option for casual photographers. That is good news for a company attempting to jump start its camera sector after a couple years of quiet. The camera, while only slightly different from the Japanese maker's smaller cameras, does have the functionality and sleekness that many have come to expect with Sony.

This new version will be replacing the NEX-5T, the current mid-priced mirror-less camera and looks to upgrade the existing A5100 by adding a more advanced image sensor that comes from the A6000.

The A5100 boasts the smallest APS-C interchangeable-lens camera on the market, but the previous model did not have the hybrid autofocus that many casual shooters need in order to use cameras. Now it gets it.

Picture quality is also top notch, with a 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor that allows for phase and contrast autofocus detection.

For around $700, the base model will also come with a 16-50mm lens. This camera, in many ways, goes from being a professional only model to one where the vast majority of the population can use, simply by adding the autofocus feature.

While analysts and reviewers pointed to the fact that many of Sony's cameras are "blending together," this camera delivers for almost all camera needs for the money.

"You can expect similar performance in a smaller body now," wrote Mario Aguilar.

"Sony's mirror-less cameras have always been solid. There's nothing new about that."

Orders for the new camera are expected to ship next month, with an option to purchase only the camera body available for $549.

Other reviews pointed to the A5100's 180-degree swiveling screen that also features on the A5000, but with an added LCD touchscreen it should make organizing and editing images that much quicker. A built-in flash can be propped up on the camera for quick pics in poor lighting.

"Overall, the A5100 looks like a great successor to the A5000, and we hope it proves to be a solid camera for anyone who's just starting to get serious about photography," wrote Jacob Kleinman.

The renewed optimism for Sony comes as they continue to see huge Playstation 4 success, despite losses expected in the hundreds of millions of dollars this year, Tech Times reports. CEO Kazuo Hirai says that the PS4 is the company's backbone and future and hopes that the gaming console can help return the company to red numbers.

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