Dmitry Kiselyov, host of the Russian TV program News of the Week, announced on Feb. 14 that he has a new prerogative besides domestic reportage: trashing the Obamas and exposing "American corruption." To do this, the television personality plans to release a documentary on the subject - and apparently it involves airing a 10-minute video of a computer-animated Michelle Obama hanging out during a trip to Spain taken six years ago.

First reported by the New York Observer for the American press, the Observer calls the clip a "trailer," but it resembles a news package more than anything else - albeit with some unusual additions for a presumably hard-hitting piece.

Titled "Emperor Obama: The first US family spends taxpayers' money," the video features a recreation done entirely in CGI of FLOTUS' departure during a 2010 trip from a hotel in Spain that has since been purportedly named "Villa Obama." Redolent of a hotel-themed expansion pack for The Sims, the animation includes shots of people rolling out a red carpet, bodyguards with rage-contorted faces heckling admirers on the sidelines, and cartoon paparazzi taking pictures of Michelle, Malia and Sasha with an alleged 40 of their closest friends. The highlight? A quick bit with a photographer actually getting tasered.

The video is interspersed with supposed figures of how much "tax-payer money" went toward the jaunt, though sources for the data go unnamed.

From what viewers can garner from an on-screen flash of Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption - a 2009 critique of the Obama administration doused with an inarguably right-wing bias - that flashes onscreen toward the end, the tome might be the inspiration and/or source material behind the Russian doc.

The segment is entirely in Russian, but you can get the gist of the weird factor, with everything from random shots of a "Villa Obama" sign to a CGI'ed First Lady, which starts sometime around the 2:23 mark. Watch it in the video clip below.


Source: The New York Observer | YouTube

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