The upcoming Sims 4 expansion pack Get Together may have been pushed back to Dec. 8, but some recently-released details about the design behind the game's new world should help tide you over until then.

One of the main new features of Get Together is a new European-inspired world for your Sims to explore called Windenburg. A recent blog post on The Sims 4's official website reveals how this world was built and what we can expect it to look like in the game.

The post includes two visual snapshots that helped the developers see how the new districts of this world would look with Sims in them and provided some guidance for the team in building these areas for the game. One shows an old town square with buildings in the Tudor style and a lush forest in the background, surrounding what look like Gothic ruins. The other shows a more modern area with geometric buildings along a canal, which has a London, Paris or Amsterdam feel to it.

It's important to note that Windenburg will not look exactly like these snapshots, but they did "provide a visual target" for the team as they built the new world for the game, so we will see some of these elements, such as the statue in the image below, incorporated into Get Together.

Overall, the developers wanted "Windenburg to feel like it could be found in many different parts of Europe while still feeling like its own, distinct location," according to the blog post. The challenge with that, of course, is that there are various European architecture styles, which are all very different from what we've previously seen in The Sims 4. What we'll end up seeing in Get Together is what the designers are calling "Tudor Modern," which is described in the blog post as "a mix of contemporary construction and the kind of buildings built during the 16th century in England."

The blog post also features an image that it says is close to what the map of Windenburg will look like in the game. It's filled with Tudor buildings, a business district, a high-end residential island in the middle of Windenburg Lake and even a sea monster. Here's hoping the actual map is filled with even more surprises when Get Together is finally released.

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