Raise your glass to health, good company and good TV because Feb. 18 is National Drink Wine Day! Once a year this special day is commemorated mostly with a bunch of friends getting together to enjoy each others' company over a shared bottle of wine.

But in case you're alone with nothing but Netflix and reruns to enjoy your vintage wine with, not to worry! These wine pairings are great with all your favorite series to sit back on your couch and drink to.

"Game Of Thrones"

One cannot mention wine and great TV in the same sentence without giving a shout out to some of the greatest characters on the small screen drinking their reds to their hearts content. How else would they get through another day in Westeros and Essos without worrying too much about losing their heads, limbs or other organs?

Have a dark, bold red wine like Syrah of course. When held up in a glass, the wine is so thick that you can't even see through it – just like all that dark, bold, red blood you're bound to see in an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

"Orange Is The New Black"

Roll up your sleeves and try your hand an fermenting your own home made wine to enjoy as you watch the female inmates in “Orange Is The New Black” get through another day in the slammer. You'll have an easier time than the ladies getting together the ingredients you need for your home made vintage, too.

According to Mother Earth News, all you need to make wine in your own kitchen is a big clean container, honey and yeast. Once you're able to figure out a contraption to allow gas to escape from the sealed jug while it ferments, you'll have your very own signature wine to enjoy in two weeks.

Wine a bit too classy for prison? How about trying your hand at home made ancient Sumerian brew instead?

"The Walking Dead"

You'll want to pop open a light fare for this zombie-infested show. Perhaps a moderately priced fruity Zinfandel to keep your guts from turning inside out with yet another character being ripped apart by walkers.

The Huffington Post also suggests some saltines to pair with your cheap wine – just for some extra insurance that the sight of rotting flesh doesn't make you hurl.


No other character on television would appreciate a fine red wine vintage like Dr. Hannibal Lecter. A Chianti would be the perfect bottle to pair with this culinary delight of a serial killer show – it will almost even make you forget that all those mouth-watering dishes being served up on “Hannibal” may actually contain actual human body parts.

"House of Cards"

Get ready for more political posturing and scheming when “House of Cards” returns to Netflix. And what better way to catch up with the plots of Frank Underwood than to rewatch the series so far on National Drink Wine Day with some all-American ribs dripping with good old Southern barbeque sauce and Malbec – made from a thick-skinned grape? And thick skin is definitely what you need if you want to rise up the ranks to the top of the White House.

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