The R-rated, game-changing super hero movie, “Deadpool,” has already broken box office records and even had a sequel green-lit before it hit theaters. With a second installment to the franchise already secured, Ryan Reynolds seems to be taking a hands-on approach to ensure getting the very best of sidekicks - who may just be “The Late Late Show” host James Corden.

In a skit on his show last Thursday, the carpool karaoke-singing host presents bids to be Deadpool's sidekick with some pretty colorful characters who just might be the perfect foil for the foul-mouth Merc with a Mouth.

Meet The Ice Man with his super cool tagline, “The Ice Man cometh!” Unfortunately, we would like to inform Corden that his tagline already is one of the ideas of Frozone, Mr. Incredible's best friend. So, unless a Marvel-Pixar team-up is in the works, this idea will have to be put on ice.

Strawberry Shortfuse may be more to Deadpool's liking. He's also red, and has a really, really short fuse. That's pretty much it. Reynolds was not impressed. Next!

Corden's next sidekick getup is a giant clam who is “open for business.” But Reynolds is definitely not open to the idea.

Corden ups his game with Potato Man, telling Reynolds that if he doesn't get in on this idea for a Deadpool sidekick then Marvel will because, as Corden insisted, “they think that Potato Man is its own entity.” Don't believe him, just confirm it with Matthew Marvel who works very high up at Marvel and doesn't deal with negative people like Reynolds.

After a few more rejected sidekick ideas, Reynolds finally comes up with a perfect idea: Double Deadpool!

Coming soon to theaters!

Or not.

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