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Blake Lively Gets Trolled By Husband Ryan Reynolds Due To Spicy Intragram Post

Ryan Reynolds trolled his wife, Blake Lively, in a promo picture which she posted on her Instagram for her new film. The celebrity couple are known for teasing each other on social media.

Celebrities October 4, 2018

T.J. Miller Won’t Appear In ‘Deadpool’ Spin-Off ‘X-Force,’ Ryan Reynolds Confirms

Jack Hammer/Weasel won’t appear in ‘X-Force’ as confirmed by ‘Deadpool’ actor Ryan Reynolds. Miller has been accused of sexual assault and was charged in April for faking a bomb threat.

Video Games May 6, 2018

Ryan Reynold's 'Deadpool 2' Hitting Movie Theaters In May 2018

Get stoked 'Deadpool' fans! Ryan Reynolds 'Deadpool 2' action movie is hitting theaters in May 2018. The 2016 sequel hits theaters on May 18, 2018, instead of June 1, 2018, allowing fans to see the movie two weeks earlier. See why Fox wanted to change 'Deadpool 2' release date.

Movies/TV Shows January 13, 2018

'Deadpool 2' Is Without A Director After Tim Miller Stepped Down Due To Feud With Ryan Reynolds

'Deadpool 2' hasn't even begin filming and already problems have arised in paradise. As it stands right now, director of the first movie, Tim Miller, has decided to call it quits due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds. Time will tell if this affects the movie going forward.

Movies/TV Shows October 24, 2016

Deadpool 2 Is Officially Confirmed And The Whole Crew Is On Board For The Sequel

'Deadpool 2' was confirmed at the CinemaCon and 20th Century Fox said that the whole crew from 'Deadpool' is on board. This means that the jokes will be just as disturbingly funny and the acting just as charmingly silly.

Movies/TV Shows April 17, 2016

'Deadpool' Now The Highest-Grossing 'X-Men' Movie In The Global Box Office

'Deadpool' takes the top spot in the list of the highest grossing films in the 'X-Men' film franchise. Find out how much more 'Deadpool' has earned over other X-Men films.

Movies/TV Shows April 4, 2016

Use Maximum Effort To Sign This Petition To Get Deadpool To Host An Episode Of 'Saturday Night Live'

A 'Deadpool' fan launched a petition for Ryan Reynolds to host 'SNL' in character as Deadpool. See how Reynolds responded to the request when he found out.

Movies/TV Shows February 22, 2016

Watch James Corden Audition To Be Ryan Reynold's Side Kick In 'Deadpool' Sequel

James Corden thinks that the box office-breaking movie 'Deadpool' was just missing one thing: a sidekick! Watch how 'The Late Late Show' host presents his sidekick ideas to Ryan Reynolds in this hilarious skit.

Movies/TV Shows February 20, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Let Young 'Deadpool' Fan With Cancer See The Film First

Connor McGrath earned the admiration of Ryan Reynolds for enduring aggressive cancer treatments since 2013. As a result, the young fan was given the honor of being the first person to ever see the 'Deadpool' film.

Internet Culture February 15, 2016

Stan Lee's Raunchy Cameo And Other 'Deadpool' Easter Eggs

Stan Lee is once again in the middle of a crowd of females in his cameo appearance in 'Deadpool.' Find out some other easter eggs and other references seen in 'Deadpool.'

Movies/TV Shows February 15, 2016

‘Deadpool’ Heats Up Weekend Box Office, Heads For $100 Million Debut

Ryan Reynolds has finally redeemed Deadpool after seven years! The movie is poised to earn $115 million in the U.S. box office and $80 million overseas in its first weekend.

Movies/TV Shows February 13, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Happy To Finally Get 'Deadpool' Right

Ryan Reynolds opened up about his frustration with Wade Wilson's appearance in 'The X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' The Canadian actor revealed he is happy that he finally got to correct the character in the stand-alone 'Deadpool' movie.

Geek February 12, 2016

'Deadpool' Movie Review (No Spoilers): Offensive And Violent, With A Sick Sense Of Humor - Nailed It!

'Deadpool,' which will be released in North America on Feb. 12, is mindlessly offensive and over-the-top violent, with an extremely sick sense of humor. For fans of the Merc with a Mouth, those are the things that they want to hear about the movie.

Movies/TV Shows February 11, 2016

How 'Deadpool' Fits Into The X-Men Movie Timeline

The X-Men movie timeline is getting to be as complicated as the comic books themselves. We try to figure out how 'Deadpool' fits into all of this.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2016

'Deadpool' Is Already Getting A Sequel

Not yet out in theaters and he's already getting a sequel. 'Deadpool' doesn’t hit cinemas until Feb. 12 but Fox has given the green light for The Merc with a Mouth’s next project.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Calls Out Fan-Made LEGO Deadpool Sets For Spoilers

In typical Deadpool fashion, Ryan Reynolds, who plays the 'merc with the mouth' in the movie that releases this month, recently made jokes about several fan-created LEGO sets, claiming they spoil the film.

Movies/TV Shows February 5, 2016

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Surprise Fans With Advance 'Deadpool' Screening

Ryan Reynolds gave 'Deadpool' fans the most awesome surprise ever when he showed up unannounced during a fan event. In true Deadpool fashion, he bent the rules and screened the entire film as a special treat to those who attended.

Geek January 20, 2016

New 'Deadpool' Emoji Billboard Ad Is Every Bit As Juvenile As You Would Expect

Sometimes, the merc with a mouth doesn't have to say anything at all.

Movies/TV Shows January 13, 2016

'Deadpool' Emoji Downloads Released For '12 Days Of Deadpool' Cause Server To Crash

The official Twitter account for the 'Deadpool' movie responds perfectly to the server crash caused by too many people downloading the new 'Deadpool' emojis.

Internet Culture December 22, 2015

Deadpool Thinks Wolverine Is Sexy – Watch Ryan Reynolds In Costume Impersonate Hugh Jackman On Instagram

Ryan Reynolds, in full Deadpool makeup, campaigns for pal Hugh Jackman to be People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive this year. Both X-Men have graced the cover in the past and Reynolds' amusing gesture shows that X-Men really do stand united.

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2015

RIP Pops: Ryan Reynolds Paid Touching Tribute After Father's Death

On Oct. 28, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to announce the death of his father, James C. Reynolds. The 39-year-old actor then honored the memory of his father, by asking people to donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research.

Internet Culture October 29, 2015

Interview: Andre Tricoteux Reveals What We Can Expect From Colossus In The Upcoming 'Deadpool' Movie

Taking on the role of 'Colossus' in the upcoming 'Deadpool' movie is no small feat. Actor Andre Tricoteux spoke to T-Lounge about what it was like filming one of this winter's most-anticipated films.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

Ryan Reynolds Talks 'Deadpool' And The Terrible 'Fantastic Four'

Ryan Reynolds is the man right now, and not even a terrible Fantastic Four film can stop him from being excited about his 2016 film, Deadpool.

Movies/TV Shows September 24, 2015

'Deadpool' Is Coming To Xbox One And PlayStation 4

The "Merc with a Mouth" is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a remastered version of his his Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 game.

Geek September 1, 2015

20th Century Fox Aiming To Focus More On Deadpool 2 After Fantastic Four Flop?

It's all going belly up for the 'Fantastic Four' reboot. It seems as if Fox has more faith in Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' movie because a sequel is already being planned.

Movies/TV Shows August 12, 2015

It's The NSFW, Profane, Bloody 'Deadpool' Trailer Of Your Wildest Dreams

Was Ryan Reynolds born to play the part of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool? Judge for yourself with the first (red band) trailer for the 2016 movie.

Movies/TV Shows August 5, 2015

New 'Deadpool' Movie Still Has The Merc With A Mouth Looking Good

The latest still from the upcoming 'Deadpool' film has the merc with a mouth looking incredibly faithful to his comic book look.

Movies/TV Shows July 2, 2015

'Deadpool': Ryan Reynolds Claim Production On The 2016 Epic Has Finished

The 'Deadpool' production has ended and the team has gone into post-production to prepare for the February release date. This movie could be the one to drive Ryan Reynolds' career to new heights.

Movies/TV Shows June 1, 2015

Ryan Reynolds As 'Deadpool' Visits Boy Fighting Cancer

Tony Acevedo, who is battling Hodgkin's Disease, asked Make-A-Wish-Foundation if he could meet his superhero - Deadpool. The foundation made his wish come true and arranged for Ryan Reynolds to meet him.

Movies/TV Shows May 23, 2015

'Deadpool': Synopsis and Official Logo Released

Fox is making all the right moves with its 2016 movie 'Deadpool.' The logo looks great, so is the synopsis, and Ryan Reynolds is just perfect for the role.

Movies/TV Shows March 30, 2015

Deadpool First Costume Photo Released By Ryan Reynolds

Taco lovers, unite! Actor Ryan Reynolds has released the first official photo of himself in costume as Marvel's red-spandex-clad mercenary, Deadpool — and it's perfect.

Movies/TV Shows March 27, 2015

Get Your First Look At Deadpool's Mask, Courtesy Of Ryan Reynolds

The 'Deadpool' film is still a year away, but Ryan Reynolds is giving fans an early peak at his character's costume.

Movies/TV Shows February 12, 2015

Deadpool (2016): Film Being Made Due To Leaked Animation According To Ryan Reynolds

Why is Fox pushing for the Deadpool movie to be made after so many years of it being in isolation? Ryan Reynolds claim it has everything to do with the leaked animated footage and how fans reacted.

Movies/TV Shows February 6, 2015

Ryan Reynolds Confirms He'll Reprise his Role in 2016 'Deadpool' Movie

The 'Deadpool' movie is a go, and Ryan Reynolds is returning as the Merc with a Mouth. It took a long time for this to happen, but it is finally on the cards and we can't wait.

Movies/TV Shows December 6, 2014

'Deadpool' movie is a go, aiming for a February 12, 2016 release date

After what seems like forever, it has finally been confirmed that a 'Deadpool' movie will soon go into production. Actor Ryan Reynolds might reprise his role as the mad man.

Movies/TV Shows September 21, 2014

'Deadpool' movie is a go, but will Ryan Reynolds star?

The powers that be at Fox have decided that the time that fans have been waiting for has finally come. A 'Deadpool' movie has been scheduled for 2016, but who will star in the red-and-black tights?

Movies/TV Shows September 19, 2014

'Deadpool' writer wants to 'break the Internet' with movie's Twitter campaign

Rhett Reese, the writer of the upcoming "Deadpool" movie reached out to his Twitter followers to help get the movie to theaters. Reese previously leaked a photo of Ryan Reynolds testing for the title character.

Geek August 8, 2014

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