A local man in Virginia is facing trouble with the law after trying to help his neighbors' two dogs that were left in the cold during a snowstorm earlier this year.

Appomattox-native Terry Paxton has always tried to look after Daisy and Girl, two dogs owned by his neighbors John and Glenda Venable. Paxton would give the dogs something to eat once in a while, which never appeared to have bothered the Venables before.

Things seemed well between the neighbors until one January day when Paxton saw that the two animals were left chained to their doghouses. Appomattox was being battered by a snowstorm and the air was particularly cold.

Worried about the two animals, Paxton tried contacting officials at the local animal control to have them help Daisy and Girl, but they refused to do something about the situation.

Micky Martin, county animal warden for Appomattox, explained that the Venables' dogs were not being mistreated and have not missed any meals.

As far as drinking water for the animals goes, Martin said that the dogs could get a drink from the surrounding snow. He also mentioned a bird dog that they had that would even eat snow.

The animal control's refusal to take action angered Paxton, who decided to take photos of the two dogs' situation and shared them with a friend. The images were later spread online.

"She can't even reach her water," Paxton said. "I'm sorry, but this is about them."

When news about Daisy and Girl's predicament became viral, many people on the Internet expressed their concern and frustration at how the two dogs were being treated.

The resulting furor from the public caused the Venables to press charges against Paxton and had him arrested for stalking. They also sought a protective order that would prevent Paxton from taking pictures of the dogs again.

Paxton stressed that it was about the dogs' well-being and never about the Venables.

Susan Adams, administrator of Appomattox County, said that she wants to make sure that Daisy and Girl are being looked after.

She said that if there is proof of any neglect on the government or the dog owners' part, it will be addressed immediately.

Paxton is set to appear in court regarding the matter on Feb. 24.

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