Nobody ever stops to think about the random monster they just defeated while grinding to earn experience points and go up a level. It turns out, however, that being one of weaker ones is more difficult than you think.

Mediocre Monster is very much like your standard RPG, except, instead of playing as one of the heroes, you're stepping into the shoes of a random monster called Gob. A goblin, Gob works at The Bestiary, the world leader in random monster outsourcing.

Every day, Gob goes out as a lowly monster in Tutorial Forest where he encounters heroes-in-training. As a lowly monster, he dies after a few hits, allowing the "good" guys to progress.

The game uses the traditional turn-based battle system. In the same way that heroes-in-training have to strategize to defeat their enemy, Gob has to take note of some rules to properly carry out his role as a random monster. For instance, if the other party uses a taunt, Gob is required to attack the taunter on his next turn. As the game progresses, more complicated rules are introduced, each of which must be executed perfectly to give the other party a satisfying victory.

For his troubles, Gob is paid a weekly salary. The better he performs, the more he earns. He can then spend his money on acquiring new items, improving his skills and upgrading his town, The Grind. He also levels up when he successfully levels up a certain number of heroes, making him eligible for a promotion. When he is promoted, he can work in areas beyond Tutorial Forest.

Gob may be the star of Mediocre Monster but he's not the only random monster in it. Eventually, he meets others he can join to form teams with.

Monsters can face off with heroes from different adventures and parties but they are responsible for a "main hero party." In the case of Gob, he is specifically assigned to the game Legend of the Adventure.

Mediocre Monster is developed by a three-man team called Opal Squad and is slated for an April 2017 release. After receiving a 94-percent "Yes" vote on Square Enix Collective, it is so far doing well on Steam Greenlight. The game's Kickstarter campaign also just went live.

Watch the game's trailer below!

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