It looks like the next big thing in gaming is virtual reality and that means that everyone, even companies that have nothing to do with video games, are going to jump on that trend.

Now, Coca-Cola, one of America's top producers of sugary soft drinks, plans on getting in on the action by posting a video that shows how its cardboard boxes can become virtual reality headsets, because, why not?

In the future, when you buy a box of Coca-Cola brand canned and bottled drinks, you might have the opportunity to convert the box into a VR viewer, with very little technical know-how. The idea is similar to Google Cardboard, which is basically a cardboard box turned into a VR viewer. However, Coca-Cola wants users to create a viewer with something already on hand, at least if they drink the company's beverages on a regular basis.

The video demonstrates how to build a VR headset with a 12-can box and a custom box. Obviously, the first step is to take the cans out and then punch out the perforated sections. All that's left is putting everything together by inserting tabs into slits and assembling the pieces into something that looks like a viewer.

Once that's done, insert your smartphone into the cardboard contraption and fire up a VR app on your phone.

Of course, this is only a concept so far, but if Coca-Cola decides to move forward with it, it will probably start selling specially marked boxes for its VR headset, although the video only shows one that involves inserting lenses, something needed for a valid VR experience. However, it's a nice concept and shows how Coke's future customers can reuse those cardboard boxes for something useful.

Of course, that still doesn't change new scientific evidence that most sugary beverages, including Coca-Cola, are seriously bad for you and can raise the risk of cardiovascular problems, including increasing the risk of a heart attack, stroke and other fatal cardiovascular diseases - and that's just by drinking one or two similar beverages a day.

Of course, instead of drinking Coca-Cola, you can also always use it as a household cleaner.

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