Google Store visitors can now order the official RCA cable destined to give you the best Chromecast Audio experience.

Google recently rolled out the accessories for the device, and coming in a bright yellow hue, they neatly match the color of the aux cable bundled in the Chromecast Audio box.

The RCA cable stands out from the crowd because of two traits: its neon hued yellow cover and its price. Other than that, it is as basic an RCA cable as any other, only that it costs about $15. Spoiler alert, but you can get a similar one from Amazon for only a few dollars.

The optical cable is just as unspectacular as the RCA one and it can be purchased for a decent price of $15. In comparison, an Amazon generic optical cable sells for a little under $12, so the official optical cable passes the overpriced test.

With each cable costing about $15, the 1/8-inch RCA and 1/8-inch optical adapter make up for an investment into a better musical experience. It would have been nice to see longer cables, but luckily they are just right for their purpose.

Chromecast Audio was launched in September 2015 under the name Hendrix. Check out our review round-up for the dongle get an in-depth analysis of its performance. The dongle outputs a rather decent audio quality when it comes to analog sound, but the digital one is somewhat lacking. Specifically, it stops 24-bit/48 kHz instead of the advertised 24-bit/96 kHz.

"It's cheap, easy to set up and does exactly what it's supposed to," Engadget's Nathan Ingraham says.

To summarize, Chromecast Audio is a good investment if you want to revamp an old pair of speakers. It only costs $35, so it fits the affordability criteria.

Even if the official cables for Chromecast Audio are now available for purchase from the Google Store, we estimate that much more affordable alternatives will pop up all over the place really soon.

Should you be mindful of your spending, simply search for the alternatives before jumping in the official yellow cable bandwagon.

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