Popular video blogger Charlotte Eades, who inspired a lot of people through her videos, died on February 25. Her parents shared an emotional final video on her YouTube channel saying that she died in the hospital.

The inspirational video blogger, who documented her battle with terminal cancer through a series of videos, succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 19 years old.

"It is with regret that this will be the last YouTube video for Charlotte," said her mother in the video.

"Charlotte passed away peacefully at 1.03 pm in our local hospital in Brighton. She fought until the last minute and my husband managed to get there 15 minutes before she passed away," she added.

Charlotte's Journey

Charlotte received the diagnosis of inoperable brain cancer in July 2013, on the same day she was supposed to attend her school prom. Since she was diagnosed, the teen from Brighton in the United Kingdom, captured all her moments through a series of video posts. This was her way of helping herself and many others who are battling the disease.

She supported a charity called "Stand Up To Cancer" and in her video posts, she openly discussed her treatments like radiotherapy, operations and chemotherapy. Calling the tumor as the "Terminator," Charlotte opened up on her ordeal with the tumor and the pain she had to go through during treatments, hoping that her blog will help people especially those suffering from cancer, to open up about the disease.

In an update on February 19, Charlotte's family said she was re-admitted to the hospital. She had chest infection, a collapsed lung and restarted chemotherapy. In the thanksgiving video, her mother said that during Charlotte's final month, she was no longer able to walk, talk, and use the bath without a lot of assistance.

She Inspired Many People

Charlotte managed to inspire a lot of people, both those who are also suffering from cancer and those who are not. After her passing, people not only in the UK but also those around the world paid tribute to her battle in social media sites.

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