Snapchat added a new face-swapping feature that allows users to pose selfies of swapped faces. Users even go as far as swapping faces with their pets or even with images from inanimate objects such as a paper bill.

Face-swapping occurs when the user takes a picture of himself and then chooses someone else's face for the swap. While the results can be impressive and sometimes humorous, there are quite a few instances when it becomes a bit horrifying.

Here's how Snapchat's face swap works.

1. To start using face swap on Snapchat, the first thing that you need to do is to get a picture of your friend, your doll or maybe even your pet.

2. Next, open the Snapchat app.

3. Tap the camera screen in order to use the front-facing option. This is where you should be able to see yourself like you are looking into a mirror.

4. Next, press and hold on your face and wait until the camera recognizes it. You will then see new lenses appearing at the bottom part of the display.

5. Swipe through these lenses and find the face swap lens icon that has two smiling faces and rotating arrows.

6. After finding the lens, position your face and your friend's inside the two smiley faces that you can see on the screen.

7. You would know that your faces are recognized when the two smiley faces turn yellow.

At this point, your faces are now swapped.

You can snap a photo of the result or you can hold down on the snap button if you want to make a short video clip.

There can be some instances when the face swap lens doesn't seem to work. If this is the case, users can try to back up a bit from the camera by holding it a little further away or with the help of a selfie stick. They can also try to look at the camera straight ahead.

The new Face Swap is just one of the features that Snapchat has launched recently. Just a few days ago, Snapchat also released Birthday Party Lens, which is a duet of birthday party lenses for a user and a friend.

Other new features include the On-Demand Geofilters, the app's new revenue stream and a tweak on the time filter which allows the user to change to the present date with a single tap on time.

Some of the swapped faces might give you nightmares, but users seem to love the new option.

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