You Can Now Preorder Fitbit Alta: Here's What This Fitness Wristband Can Do


Fitbit's newest fitness tracker called Alta is now available for preorder. The fitness band comes packed with loads of interesting, handy functionalities.

If you're currently in search for a wearable device that functions as a health tracker, fashion accessory and a smartwatch all in one piece, then the Fitbit Alta would be for you.

Amazon and Fitbit are selling the Fitbit Alta for a price of $129.95.

The all-new Fitbit Alta believes that "motivation is your best accessory" for an all-day activity. This smart gadget helps you stay on track of your day-to-day activities, the amount of calories you burn, the minutes you're active, the distance you run, the time you spend on your workouts and even the amount of sleep you get. It even has a silent alarm to help you rest better.

But unlike any other fitness trackers that you can find available on the market, the Fitbit Alta gives you more than the regular fitness tracker device with its other smart features.

For one, it comes with "Reminders to Move" that helps staying active well in mind. It also has a SmartTrack that automatically recognizes your exercise patterns. On top of that, this wristband records your workouts so you can keep track of your exercises even without pushing a button.

If worn, the new Fitbit looks stylish with its slim design made even better with an OLED display for clear stat and time checking, even at night. Just one-tap allows you to see alerts from your phone such as a new call, text or any calendar alarm. With a long battery life of a full five days, you can wear the Fitbit Alta all day without the worry of it immediately running out of juice.

Those who are worried if the Fitbit Alta looks too obviously like a fitness watch should know that it comes with accessory bands - using classic, metal and leather bands to suit their own sense of fashion and style.

Consumers also have the option to choose two clock layouts – horizontal or vertical – depending on which clock face they are more comfortable to look at. With wireless syncing capability of more than 200+ computers and devices, recording workouts, logging in eaten foods, and exploring all fitness trends is just a breeze.

The fitness wristband is available in color options, including Black, Blue, Plum and Teal.

Those who wish to know more about this Fitbit's newest activity tracker may watch the video below or may head on to the product page.

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