AT&T announced that it will be launching three Internet streaming TV services later in the year under its DirecTV brand, all of which will not be requiring annual contracts, satellite dishes or set-top boxes.

The carrier stated in a press release that customers will be able to access and stream the video services over either a wireless or wired connection from any provider, through virtually any supported device including smartphones, Smart TVs and PCs.

The three services are named DirecTV Now, DirecTV Mobile and DirecTV Preview.

DirecTV Now will offer customers several content packages, which include most of what is currently available under the DirecTV umbrella. This content includes both live and on-demand programs, and customers will be able to enjoy the service by simply signing up for it and downloading its app.

DirecTV Mobile will be the smartphone-focused variation among the new services, with content being delivered optimized for watching on a smartphone. The service will work with any provider, and customers can enjoy it through the same simple process as DirecTV Now.

DirecTV Preview is a free offer to all customers with either a wireless or wired connection, and it will be including some of the content currently available to DirecTV. The service is a free one because it is advertisement-supported, and it will be featuring content from several sources including the Audience Network of AT&T and Otter Media.

The three services show AT&T trying to break away from the traditional cable and satellite TV model, allowing online users to gain access to the content it offers. The company is the latest traditional media firm to venture into Internet video, as younger consumers would rather access their content through the Internet than pay for a cable bill.

The price of DirecTV now has not yet been revealed, with a spokesman for the company only saying that it will be a competitive one. It is also unclear what the content packages will contain, including which and how many channels will be offered to customers.

The three new streaming options, according to AT&T, will go live in the fourth quarter of this year. The company added that it will be continuing its DirecTV premium satellite TV offerings.

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