Once Upon A Time returns from its winter break this weekend and it seems that the Storybrooke team's journey into Hades to search for the recently deceased Captain Hook will prove not just dangerous, but also tricky.

It doesn't help that Hades looks a lot like a weirder (and redder) version of Storybrooke, and that many of the dead characters that now reside there plan on doing their best to haunt, taunt and tease our intrepid band of heroes.

In a sneak peek of this week's adventure - which also marks the series' 100th episode - Snow White goes into the Hades version of Granny's Diner and starts the investigation for Hook's whereabouts in the Underworld. However, she gets a nasty surprise. No, Snow, that isn't Prince Charming, your husband.

After getting duped by Charming's twin brother, the rest of the Storybrooke citizens find a disturbed Snow, but it seems that they, too, have no leads on Hook. Rumpelstiltskin, though, announces that he's going to find Hook "his way," meaning that it's probably going to involve some pretty nasty things the rest of the group won't want to know about.

The team will eventually find Hook, but it seems that saving him is a completely different challenge.

"We definitely find him, but saving him is a different thing than finding him," Once Upon A Time's Emma Swan, actress Jennifer Morrison, said to IGN.

Hook landed in Hades as a Dark One, so it seems that his journey into darkness is far from complete. Will Emma and he finally get their happy ending? And what's in store for Regina and Robin Hood: will they also have a chance at finally getting the happiness they've sought for so long together?

"It's going to be a very memorable season," said Sean Maguire, who portrays Robin on the series. "There's going to be some stuff that I think is going to provoke a strong reaction - it depends on who you ask. Some people are going to be very upset about some stuff, and I think some people are going to be really happy about some stuff, but I can't really say too much."

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on March 6.

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