Square Enix’s 'Thief' Being Adapted Into A Feature Film


The trend of rebooting shows from the 1990s and earlier is still continuing but big screen adaptations of mobile, console and PC games are not backing down. On March 4, Straight Up Films announced that it has acquired the rights to the Square Enix game, Thief, putting it a step closer to making an adaptation for the silver screen.

Screenwriters Adam Mason and Simon Boyes have been tapped to pen the script, which will be based on the 2014 reboot of the game. The adaptation will be set in the same dark fantasy world as the first person game and features the main character, Master Thief Garrett, who tries to reinstate freedom that a magic-wielding tyrant has denied from the people.

Sarah Condito, Straight Up Film's president of production, will serve as the adaptation's executive producer. The other producers for the adaptation are Kate Cohen and Marisa Polvino, who are also from Straight Up Films, as well as Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee, Prime Universe's Adrian Askarieh, Source Rock's Khalid Jones and Square Enix.

There is still no word on who Straight Up Films is courting to direct the adaptation or if it has already set its sights on certain actors to play the characters. While the film will be based off Thief 4, there are no details on how similar the two will be or if the adaptation will be merely taking cues from the game but will still follow a completely different story.

Thief 4 follows the Master Thief as he searches for his former apprentice, Erin, who goes missing after she accidentally fell in the middle of a ritual. Garrett was knocked out after that but regains his memories a year later, accepting a job to steal something from the Baron - the same person he and Erin were supposed to steal from that fateful night. Soon after he completes the job, Garrett receives a vision revealing that Erin is alive and he goes on a search for her while completing other missions.

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