Android N should show its face at the Google I/O 2016 in May, but users can take a sneak peek at the future thanks to a number of interface mockups.

Even though Android 6.0 Marshmallow still has a wide number of devices to land on, developers are working hard to bring the next-gen Android OS into the limelight. Previous rumors indicated the fact that the notification shade and quick settings will get revamped, but now more information has surfaced about the upcoming cosmetic and functional modifications.

Observant users might have noticed the settings screenshot carries a hamburger menu, but that is merely scratching the surface.

The leaked screenshots highlight the fact that the Hamburger bar allows for easy switching between modes. Also, the line that used to divide each option was removed.

An interesting change is the setting status, which can now work on each option. Simply put, users no longer have to access each item in order to check the respective setting's status.

"For example, Data Usage has the amount of data used and Display tells you whether or not adaptive brightness is on," Android Police notes.

Home was relocated from the first entries, leaving room for more commonly used options. Meanwhile, sounds and notifications that used to come packed into one were dispatched into two separate menus.

Android Police points out that these could be elements that remained from previous OS variants, and there are no guarantees that the final version of Android N will not give them the boot.

Just last month, Samsung hinted that the upcoming Android N could bring stylus support for its phones.

Sources familiar with Google's plans also mentioned that Google could remove the app drawer from the upcoming iteration of its Android OS. This is hardly surprising, seeing how a number of vendors have already chosen to offer clients the option to turn off the app drawer. For example, the LG G5 has its app drawer turned off by default. Users can access it and bring it back via the home screen settings of the smartphone.

In spite of being still littered with question marks and speculations, one thing is certain about Google's latest operating system: it will be called Android N.

As soon as we know more details, we will keep you posted.

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