The smart watch era is upon us, with products from Motorola, Samsung and LG in the forefront. Other companies will soon follow, including Timex and another outfit that carries some cachet, Apple.

Even companies that have already established a presence are seeing their future plans take shape. And that shape is round, as the square form factor of first generation smart watches takes a back seat.

One smart watch that is taking a circular route to commercial success is the LG G Watch R, and it's a safe bet that the R stands for round. It is not known yet if the new watch joins its square-shouldered line mate or replaces it.

We don't know much yet about this watch. It was introduced via a teaser video that appeared on LG's YouTube channel this past weekend. We know that it is round, that the circular watch face is capable of displaying a variety of watch faces, information panels and data, and that LG plans to formally introduce the watch at the IFA Show in Berlin. It is the largest consumer electronics show in Europe and will take place Sept. 5-10.

The introduction of the LG G-R will coincide with Motorola's official introduction of its round smart watch, the Moto 360. Details about the smart watch were accidently released through the Best Buy website, as covered by Tech Times.

The Apple iWatch, if it exists and if it is to be called the iWatch, may or may not be revealed at an Apple event on Sept. 9. Rumors have it that it will be a square design.

Computer maker Asus is also rumored to be introducing a smart watch, albeit a square one, at IFA. HTC also has one coming down the pike.

It looks like the battle at the front lines will take place between LG and Motorola. Prerelease publicity helped generate a great deal of buzz for the Moto 360, which LG can take advantage of by offering at least an esthetically more pleasing option for round-ophiles.

One of the perceived weaknesses of the Moto 360 is a black horizontal cut-off band at the bottom of the otherwise circular watch face. The LG model does not interrupt its circular flow with a visual disruptor like that. Both devices will be powered by Android Wear.

Until the LG G-R is officially unveiled, a serious comparison between the two combatants must wait. It is assumed that both watches will retail in the vicinity of $250, based on the information contained in the inadvertent Best Buy reveal of the Moto 360.

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