YouTube co-founder Steve Chen launched a new live-streaming site designed to cater to foodies, recipe buffs and cooking fans.

Dubbed, the site is created for the sole purpose of promoting live collaboration between the app and its audience. Anyone who is interested in the delicious world of food and eating can create and produce their own creative show and promote a live coverage of food-based experiences where one can earn a good audience following.

"Nom is a community for food lovers to create, share and watch their favorite stories in real-time," says Nom. "If you've ever posted a photo of a favorite dish, Nom is for you. If you've ever wanted to host your own cooking show, Nom is for you. If chef whites are your uniform, Nom is for you and your team."

Users can easily check out the site's ongoing and upcoming 'nomcasts' by simply visiting the homepage. They can also view older streams through the featured channels.

Perhaps one thing that may spark a huge interest among users is the fact that they can easily create a live airing or a static post filled with text, links and images through Nom.

"Easily create rich, multimedia broadcasts through a livestream that allows you to layer in photos, video clips, and GIFs with no additional editing," says Nom.

Some of the chefs and personalities who are scheduled to launch their Nom channels include Quince's Michael Tusk, Las Vegas-based Hubert Keller, Otium's Tim Hollingsworth, Pastry Chef Joanne Chang and Benu's Master Sommelier Yoon Ha and 3-star Michelin chef Corey Lee.

Other notable highlights of Nom include an Add Button, Profile, New Cast, Edit Channel, All NomCasts, Chat, Upcoming Nomcasts and Posts.

The Add Button is where users can create or schedule a newly created NomCast and post media content that includes image, video and animated GIF. It also allows users to create a new Channel that should at least be admin-accessible.

Posts may seem identical to the Add Button but it is actually used for uploading images, videos or text to the channel.

Users can also edit the channel's title, description and banner image through the Edit Channel feature.

The Chat feature, as the name implies, allows users to engage in real-time discussions.

The Profile feature is where users can edit their profile and account settings. It is also for accessing Nomcasts and Channels and the site's Help Center.

New Cast, otherwise known as a pre-Nomcast, allows users to save a new cast as a draft, which they can retrieve from All NomCasts.

Lastly, Upcoming Nomcasts is for easy viewing of Nomcasts that are lined up for the channel.

Nom is made up of a team of dozen people and has its headquarters based in Palo Alto and San Francisco. The app is currently available in iTunes.

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