Canon makes a comeback into the entry-level SLR digital camera with its new and updated EOS Rebel T6 device.

Two years ago, the company released the previous model, the Rebel T5, but the snapper fared rather poorly against rivals such as the Pentax K-50 and Nikon D3300.

With the T6, Canon resisted the temptation to increase the pixel number. This means that the Rebel T6 packs an 18-megapixel APS-C image sensor. It is a tad disappointing that Canon's on-sensor phase detection focus system that is found on the T6s and T6i did not make the transition into the entry-level model.

Photographers will have to settle for contrast detection for autofocus when doing Live View mode shooting.

Owners of the T5 model will recognize the AF system when they capture images through the T6's viewfinder. Canon embedded a cross-type sensor for autofocus, which is rather precise and reliable. The cross-type is backed by a nine-point autofocus system that displays on the viewfinder.

The newly released camera does sport the AI Servo mode, which enables you to search for focus by keeping the shutter button semi-pressed. Should you go to a sporting event, know that burst shooting is available at three frames per second.

The native range of the sensor goes from ISO 100 to ISO 6400. Like the T5, an extra ISO 12800 exists. Just like its previous variant, the T6 can shoot video in 1,080p resolution.

An important improvement to the the Rebel T6 is that instead of the 3-inch rear LCD present in the T5, the new camera packs a 920k-dot resolution LCD, double the one from its predecessor. What is more, Wi-Fi and NFC were also added to the new camera model.

This makes it very user-friendly and allows for vacation photos or family portraits to be quickly uploaded to a smartphone or shared via social networks.

The firmware got updated as well. Foodies can rejoice, as the camera now has a scene setting specially tailored to capture meals. Food Mode tweaks the settings of the T6 so you get the best image out of a delicious meal.

For photography enthusiasts, Canon offers a White Balance setting dubbed White Priority. This shifts the warmer tone of images typically captured under incandescent lighting to a more neutral tone.

Should you be interested in purchasing a Canon Rebel T6, you need to wait until April when it hits store shelves.

The entry-level DSLR comes with a decent but not spectacular lens, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II. The price point of the camera is $549.99 and Canon lists an estimated ship date of March 27 for preorders.

We look forward to seeing what the new version of Rebel can do and if retailers will include it in the Black Friday offer, as it happened with the Rebel T5.

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