SwiftKey Stats officially launches on the Android app, bringing a number of exciting features that are meant to show the users' typing habits and then present those details in colorful graphs and charts.

With the latest SwiftKey Stats update, users can now have a deeper understanding of their unique habits in typing. They can even share the data gathered by SwiftKey Stats with friends and family members, which makes typing even more fun and interesting.

SwiftKey Stats had initially hit SwiftKey Keyboard for Android beta in January. At the time of its launch, users were able to gather interesting stats that include the number of typos SwiftKey corrected, the number of saved keystrokes, how far the users had flowed using the SwiftKey Flow feature, and more.

"We're excited to announce that SwiftKey Stats is officially available with today's update," wrote Nicky and the Comms Team on SwiftKey's official blog page. "With SwiftKey Stats, you get an even deeper look at the unique way that you type."

First off, SwiftKey Stats now shows the topics that users love to talk about in a bunch of categories that are more fun and diverse. Users also get a bigger picture of their favorite topics, which are identified in three to five different subject categories, which include Comics, Art and Design and others.

"SwiftKey learns your writing style to suggest your next word," said SwiftKey on its official site. "Enter a whole word with a single tap, instead of typing letter by letter."

The new SwiftKey Stats for Android also features a cloud-like visualization of the users' most used emoji. The app would display the emojis in varying sizes with the bigger sized ones being those that are used more frequently than the others.

The Signature Emoji feature is generated by how an emoji is used between the user and other SwiftKeyers. It is actually the emoji that is overused as opposed to the emoji that is used most often.

Users will also get a better understanding of how their personal SwiftKey vocabulary had expanded over time with the Vocabulary Size feature. For users who have a knack on collecting and adding new words to their vocabulary, this feature will allow them to keep track of the number which begins at zero upon installing the app.

SwiftKey is based on the concept that one can type faster and easier when a keyboard understands the users' most-used words. In order to take advantage of the features brought by SwiftKey Stats, users need to associate an account (Facebook, for instance) with SwiftKey to start gaining an insight on their keyboard habits in a fun way.

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