Tesla sedans will take part in the Electric GT World Series, a new all-electric racing competition, scheduled to take place next year.

Electric GT Holdings is the enterprise behind the sporting event, and the first race might happen as early as 2017. The competition will directly rival the existing Formula E, the worldwide all-electric racing series, which is currently in its second season.

Ten teams will be pitted against each other in the Electric GT World Series. To secure the victory, each team will be using near-production variants of the Tesla Model S P85+. The Tesla Model S was a huge commercial success, as it snatched almost 25 percent of all electric car sales.

Transport Evolved talked to Agustin Payá, the technical director of the series and passionate driver himself. He points out that the cars will be just slightly tweaked before reaching the tarmac.

"We are making only small changes to the production Model S P85+," he notes.

For the high-speed grip required in racing, the cars will get improved aerodynamics and better braking systems. Additional cooling will be required for braking and steering, and suspension will also get buffed. It should be noted that the powertrain, programming and battery will be left untouched.

The organizers chose the P85+ because this is one of the most performance-focused Tesla Model S variants.

Reading the specs of the vehicle shows that it outputs 310 kilowatts of power alongside 443 pound-feet of torque. The one rear-wheel drive motor does a very good job at translating the power to the wheels.

Payá noted that there were talks about using Tesla's all-wheel drive Model S, but the experts at Electric GT Holdings refused. They preferred the rear-wheel drive, as it is simpler and thus easier to maintain.

Looking at the battery from the P85+, its capacity is 85 kWh. To put this in perspective, most Formula E racing cars sport 28 kWh power sources. This means that the Tesla P85+ can stay on a highway for about 250 miles, but the number should decrease in the circuit.

The bigger battery capacity will allow cars from the Electric GT World Series to go up against each other on more competitive tracks than Formula E.

Currently, Formula E takes place in city centers where smaller circuits can be easily set up.

Later this year, the Electric GT World Series will announce its official competition calendar. Organizers are considering renowned tracks such as the Nürburgring, the Donnington Park and the Barcelona-Catalunya.

The existing example of the Formula E shows that there is an increasing global interest for all-electric motorsports.

By involving Tesla cars in the new competition, the Electric GT World Series hopes to take things to the next level. Focusing on consumer cars adds familiarity, and if there is one slice of the public that pays high attention to its favorite product, it's the Tesla fans. Additionally, a part of the Tesla fan base will want to implement some car changes that they will witness in the Electric GT World Series.

Tesla might be just the first big name to enter the all-electric racing tournament, but the series could attract other electric car manufacturers.

We look forward to the day when automakers will deliver fast-paced, environmentally friendly cars for racing that are based on consumer models.

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