Matchmaking app Tinder announced that it has been able to restore user accounts to normal after suffering a system glitch caused several users' matches to be deleted from its database momentarily.

The company said through Twitter on Monday that its system was going through some technical issues that prevented users from logging in to their accounts.

This was later followed by reports from app users who noticed that their accounts have been changed, which now contain a number of errors. Many claim that their Tinder matches have been deleted, while others also report of losing their message histories.

Tinder members use these collections of dating matches in order to send out flirtatious emojis to other people and even arrange meetups with them. Without these connections, they would have to start swiping for new matches in order to rebuild their collections.

News about the glitch on Tinder caused a backlash from many affected Tinder users who chose to express their outrage over the deletion of their collections through other social media sites.

One Twitter user wrote that she has met the man of her dreams but because of the errors on Tinder, she can't send him a reply.

Another user said that she is hurt and upset that Tinder deleted all of her match collections. She added that she doesn't know what to do with the rest of her life.

A Tinder member also tweeted her frustration over the glitch, stating that she has already collected hundreds of matches and had the app for almost a year.

Tinder has asked its users not to panic about the system error and told them that their match collections were not deleted.

The company posted on Twitter that it was able to address the technical issues and restore user accounts that have been affected by the glitch.

If users still don't see their collections of Tinder matches, they may need to log out of the app and log back in in order for the restoration to take effect.

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